Trophies Awarded to USASF Rules

  1. 50
    Awarded: Jul 2, 2013

    You make your own voiceovers

  2. 50
    Awarded: Dec 13, 2012

    You're Last Pass!

    On International Open 1.....

  3. 15
    Awarded: Oct 21, 2011

    You Shimmy Daily

    You can't help it... you wake up in the morning and you are just Shimmying!

  4. 50
    Awarded: Aug 29, 2011

    You're a cheer stalker, aren't you?

  5. 20
    Awarded: Mar 17, 2011

    Shimmy Tastic!

    People dig what you are saying! Good job on getting all those Shimmys.

  6. 10
    Awarded: Jan 2, 2011

    Welcome to the board!

    You have registered and are a new user on the Fierce Board! Welcome! I recommend going to the Newbies section for a while to get your feet wet and learn a bit about how the board works.

  7. 5
    Awarded: Jan 2, 2011

    No Longer a Newb

    You are no longer a Newb! You can post other places than JUST Newbies!!