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    Are you Crimson, like from Slapfire? Yes that's me, and CrimsonMuzik Vocalz has nothing to do with Slapfire or Chat. We're a company that believes in the effectiveness of custom voiceovers in cheer music, and we feel we do it best!

    Custom raps and voiceovers are becoming more popular than ever in the cheer music industry! CrimsonMuzik Vocalz (CMV) is taking it even further! After being featured in well over 400 routines this season alone and leaving every customer smiling, next season we're raising the bar even higher!

    While you're doing your Summit and World's mixes this season, check out my website at CrimsonMuzik Vocalz - CMV Store, Your One Stop Shop For Cheerleading Voiceovers and email me if you'd like to hear some samples:

    Next season we will have multiple personalities recording for us, we've hired a new writer to help handle the creative load to ensure that every customer gets our best work, and we're making some necessary changes to our website to make it even easier to shop!

    Everyone from "green" producers with low vocal budgets, to the most seasoned vets in the cheer music industry have found our company to be the best place to get your customer raps from!
    We hope you'll check us out!
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