High School Competition Music For $325

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High School Competition Music For $325
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    Hello my name is Charlie Asciutto, I am the owner of All American Cheer Productions. I am here to provide and offer custom music for school routines at an fair price.
    With my cheer career being based strongly off High school cheerleading, I understand the need for music to keep the traditional school sound without too many rap/voice overs, at a price that fits the programs budget. Also with my career being part of the highly competitive allstar cheerleading side, I understand the need for clean quality, fast turn around with music that will compliment the routine to help make those moments bigger and help overall performance.

    I try my best to blend the two different styles and offer a quality product to all ,with songs that you choose and fits your programs style.

    School mixes are $325 and turn around would be day of or day after booked production date. Discounts for multiple teams apply.

    If you would like more info please feel free to contact me at allamericancheerpro@yahoo.com
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