Matching Nails

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Matching Nails
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    Matching and undistracting nails is something that my last year as a coach we heard was being put on judges' sheets! We never had it added to ours because I made my cheerleaders keep neutral colors on.

    That year we did something fun though...we had a manicure/pedicure night leading up to our big event. During this time, we painted our toes and nails to match. This insured that we had matching and non distracting nails on the floor and we used it as a sisterhood to build our team.

    If you are looking for a quick and easy way to do this type of night, let me know! I sale these awesome 100% nail polish strips that don't require heat. They don't require dry time and they don't drip or get everywhere! We have ALL types of colors. And they range from $11-14!!!

    Just shoot me a message or email me at
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