T-shirt Quilts 25% Off And Free Shipping!!

Discussion in 'Cheer Market!' started by bobbijean13, Nov 19, 2011.

T-shirt Quilts 25% Off And Free Shipping!!
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    T-Shirt Quilts and Crafty Creations by BarbaraJean
    Preserve your favorite t-shirts with a warm & cozy quilt or wall hanging! Send me your t-shirts, and I will craft them into a lasting memory quilt. T-shirt Quilts are $10 per square. The price includes all material and labor except your t-shirts. I can also use a combination of smaller logos, or almost any fabric item to make a square. Photos can even be incorporated into your quilt! Photo squares are $12 per square.

    I offer the LOWEST prices around!! Quilts make great gifts for the holidays!!
    25% off your entire order Plus free shipping for all quilts ordered by December 10!!
    ($7.50 per square, $9.00 photo squares)
    Visit my facebook page for more information:
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