T-shirt Quilts Fro The Holidays!!

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T-shirt Quilts Fro The Holidays!!
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    Custom T-Shirt Quiltsmade from your t-shirts, sweatshirts, ties, socks, hats, baby outfits,
    and any other memorable fabric.
    I offer the LOWEST prices around!! Quilts make great gifts for the holidays!!
    Visit my facebook page for more information:
    T-Shirt Quilts:Preserve your favorite t-shirts with a warm & cozy quilt or wall hanging! Send me your t-shirts, and I will craft them into a lasting memory quilt. T-shirt Quilts are $10 per square. The price includes all material and labor except your t-shirts. I can also use a combination of smaller logos, or almost any fabric item to make a square. Photos can even be incorporated into your quilt! Photo squares are $12 per square.

    Baby Quilts: Display baby clothes, bibs, booties, and onesies, bonnets, bathing suits or any item of baby clothing. Baby Quilts are $10 per square. The price includes all material and labor except your Baby items.

    Photo Memory Quilt: I can transfer your favorite photos and make a custom photo memory quilt. All you need to do is send me the photos, a disk or email your photos and choose the colors you want incorporated into your quilt. All photos and disks sent will be returned with your finished quilt. Photo memory quilts are $12 per square.

    What is a square?
    A standard square is 12”x12”. A square can be made from the back, front, or both sides of a t-shirt, sweatshirt, jersey, etc. It can also contain anything you want us to sew onto a 12” blank square, such as sweat pants, jackets, boxer shorts, towels, etc.
    What is sashing?
    Sashing is a 2” border around every square in your quilt. Sashing enhances a t-shirt quilt when many of the shirts or squares are the same color. You can choose the sashing color for your quilt. Quilts can be made with or without sashing.
    What is backing?
    Backing is the fabric on the side opposite your quilt front. You can choose the color backing and binding you want. Almost every color is available. T-shirt quilt are backed with fleece. This makes your quilt extra comfy and cozy. Photo memory quilts and baby quilts are backed with pre quilted fabric to match the colors in your quilt.
    How do you quilt your quilts?
    All quilts are tacked to the quilt backing in the corners of every square. This method makes your quilt very stable and does not take away from the t-shirt and clothing design of the front of your quilt.
    When will I receive my finished quilt?
    We typically finish your quilt in 2-3 weeks. For that last minute gift, we regularly finish a quilt in as little as one day with a small rush charge.
    What is the ordering process?
    It's simple! Email me at bobbijean13@aol.com and request an order form. Fill out the quilt order form and mail it in with your t-shirts, baby items and/or photos. Full payment at time of order is appreciated. However you may split your payment. A 50% deposit is due upon order, the remaining balance is due before item is shipped.

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