At-home Workout During Gym Closures

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    I wanted to share my at-home workouts with everyone and create a thread where everyone else can too. This is a scary, confusing and novel experience for all of us. Being out of the gym for weeks on top of it makes us all very sad, and can lead to being out of shape. Here’s what I’ve been doing; please feel free to add your own workouts!!

    I do this 5x a week, taking rest days when I need:

    Edit: Do a 15-20 min cardio warmup! Get your muscles loose!

    20 squats
    15 single leg calf raises R&L
    20 double leg calf raises
    15 candle stick jumps(no pause)
    30 sec high knees
    30 sec butt-kickers

    20 pushups(I usually do 2 sets of 10)
    15 tricep dips(you can use anything for this; bed, chair, etc.)
    Handstand hold as long as you can(I would try to reach at least 30 sec against a wall, 15 without)

    Abs: I found this ab workout online and I love it...100% credit to whoever made it up. I made some modifications of my own too.

    20 sec each(30 if you’re a beast:) )
    -Hollow Body Hold
    -V-ups / Twisting V-ups
    -Leg lifts or Piked crunches
    -Imaginary Rope Climb(lay own back, legs up as straight into a pike as comfortable, pretend your legs are rope, twist torso so that you feel it)
    -Left elbow to right knee crunches
    -Right elbow to left knee crunches
    -Roll knees to right crunches
    -Roll knees to left crunches
    -Left side plank
    -Right side plank
    -Normal plank hold
    -Hollow body rockers
    -Hollow body w/ flutter kick

    Hold for 30-60 sec each, whatever is best for you.
    - Butterfly
    -Straddle reach left
    -Straddle reach right
    - Straddle reach middle
    - Pike
    - Middle split
    - Left split
    - Right split
    - 10 sec bridge hold
    - Buoy stretch(lay on stomach, grab ankles, pull so that your back is arched)
    - Straddle leg lifts(10, 10 and 10 for R, M, L)

    I would recommend stretching first, or doing my stretch first if you want! Hope this helps! :)
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