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    Hi, everybody!

    My name is Brooklyn, and I have had a huge obsession with cheerleading since high school. As much as most of my peers disliked pep rallies, I loved them solely for the best part of the whole hour long she-bang: The cheerleaders. I loved to watch their stunts, routines, and enthusiasm. In high school, I was a quiet person who spent all of my time in the library browsing books and studying various topics that seemed interesting to me. As a result, I had really good grades and bunch of useless knowledge that will be great if I ever try to be on Jeopardy one day, but none of the memories and experiences from the things I always wanted to do. I knew a girl in high school who cheered for Stingray Allstars, and I was always so envious of her. I mostly never tried out because I didn't think my family could afford it, but also because I just never thought I'd fit in with cheerleaders. Last year, however, a month or two after turning 19, I started ballet and quickly began to realize that I wasn't completely talentless lol Ballet removed a huge mental block for me, as well as learning Hip Hop, and opened my mind to trying a lot more things I always wanted to do but never could before. That includes cheerleading.

    I have zero athletic/team experience so the idea of going for all star cheerleading after a lifetime of not doing anything even close to it seems a bit daunting. But fortunately, I have a strong work ethic, motivation, and a ton of time on my hands. Any advice for a 19 year old beginner? Anything about what it's like to be on a team, what to expect from gyms, costs, how to afford this sort of thing when you're in college, or just any other advice that you can think of will be super helpful!