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    HELLO EVERYONE, MY NAME IS MALEK HINTON WITH XPERIENCE CHICAGO! WE ARE A CAMP & CHOREOGRAPHY COMPANY BASED OUT OF CHICAGO, IL. WE ARE NOW BOOKING OUT-OF STATE CAMPS AND ARE VERY EXCITED TO WORK WITH TEAMS! PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT OUR WEBSITE AT xperience-chicago-n !!! xperience-chicago-n Please feel free to email us for any questions you have at!! Take a look at our website for all camps info and booking information!!! Have a great day!! :)

    Skills Camps

    1 Day Camp- Is a 7 Hour Camp that includes an hour lunch break and is completely customized to fit your teams needs. - $75.00 Per Athlete

    2 Day Camp- $95.00 Per Athlete

    3 Day Camp- Includes all of the above. This can also include a homecoming routine. Music is not included but can be added for an additional $200.00. - $130.00 Per Athlete

    It is our personal guarantee that your athletes will walk out of camp feeling accomplished and with new skills. We pride ourselves on team satisfaction.


    Choreography camps are a 2 day camp. We guarntee your routine will truly be one of a kind and max out any scoresheet. All choreography comes with professional music done exclusively by Eddit Productions or Ryan Nichols. We also provide video critiques throughout the season and are always here for questions and improvements.
    High School Choreography

    -$150.00 Per Athlete (Includes Travel and Music Expenses)

    -$130.00 Per Athlete (Includes Travel. NO MUSIC)

    -$115.00 Per Athlete (Includes Travel. ONLY JUMPS, PYRAMID, STUNTS, BASKETS - SKILLS ONLY)

    -$500.00 Per Team (ONLY DANCE)

    AllStar Choreography
    -$3,000.00 (Includes Travel and Music Expenses)

    -$2,700.00 (Includes Travel. NO MUSIC)


    -$600.00 Per Team (ONLY DANCE)

    Discount for booking more then 3 teams.


    Team Tumbling

    This is a weekly service that we provide at your facility. It runs for 2 hours with our professionally trained staff that is sure to provide the upmost safety while spotting all tumbling skills. By providing this weekly service, athletes will truly feel confident when throwing their tumbling in routines or at games.
    -$$ Email for Quote


    We understand that all teams are different. With that being said we are always here for YOU! We are willing to price match any quote you are given and work with any budget that you may have. We feel all athletes deserve the best and an opportunity to learn.
    Team Training

    This is a weekly service that we provide at your facility. It runs for 2 hours with our staff providing instruction on stunts, flying, tumbling, jumps,baskets, and more. We can provide routine critiques and help with clean up. We pride ourselves on skill instruction and promise with the steps of proper progression your team will be rocking out new skills and feel confident while doing them.

    -$$ Email for Quote

    The Ultimate Xperience!!

    2 Day Skills Camp, 2 Day Choreography, 1 Day Clean-up. This package will give you the most bang for your buck and will include our complete skills camp package and choreography package. We will return to do a clean up on a day of your choice for any revisions that may need to be done. This camp will also include a FREE Xperience Chicago T-shirt for all athletes participating in the choreography camp.

    -$285.00 Per Athlete

    Want to Host a MASS CAMP? Host a camp with 3 or more teams and receive a free camp! Contact us for more info.

    This is a new service we will be offering to programs. If you would like to have your music done through us you will just need to send us a video of your routine and we will do the rest!


    -$750.00 PER TEAM


    -$400.00 PER TEAM


    -$200.00 PER TEAM


    -$100.00 PER TEAM

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