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    I haven't been on the board in so long for starters! :eek:

    So my school is having cheer tryouts on Friday and I need some pointers (I know there's probably threads about this already but I made a new one anyway :p). I haven't done all star since I was 12 (I'm 16 now) but even then I wasn't in a team team nor did I tryout; it was more like learning skills so we can be placed in a (level 1) team.

    My school team is basically all star classified under my school name as here in New Zealand, we don't have sideline cheer like good ol' America does.

    So what exactly should I expect? A cheer dance routine and a small evaluation of skills? Is there anything vital that I need to bring with me? I'm also gonna stretch like mad (in the morning, afternoon, and night) so I'm able to do the jumps again (my flexibility isn't gone, I just haven't really been stretching over the past few months!) and maybe pull a dorito scorpion :D
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    This is probably better put in the high-school thread but, rules were made to be broken so I shall reply to you :)
    My best piece of advice is to look like you care, I am sure you DO care - but coaches like to see that you went home and practiced the material from the previous tryout. Its like doing homework. Teachers like to see your homework done and done right/well.

    Also, appearance. When I judge my high school tryouts I have a category to judge them on appearance. Shorts, shoes, bows. If they show up looking unkempt I assume they 1. don't care and 2. were mostly likely running late and threw on whatever.

    Hope this helps :)