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    Currently my college squad is between coaches right now so we will probably not be having a camp this summer so a few of our coed pairs are planning on getting together to work on some stunts within the next few weeks at an all star gym. We have improved drastically as a team with our coed stunts over the past year but are no where near the level of elite coed stunting that many college teams are doing so looking at stunt fest videos or even UCA or NCA videos haven't given us much in terms of ideas of things we want to try.

    We have mastered the basics and have the following skills solid:
    • Toss to hands/ Toss to extension / toss to lib
    • Toss to Ball up hands / Toss to Ball up extension / Toss to Ball up lib
    • Stretches & other body positions
    • Walk-in to Hands/ Walk-in to extension / Walk-in to lib
    • Full off from hands / Full off from extension / Full off from lib
    • Chairs/ full up chair / chair full off
    We are working on full ups that currently hit about half of the time and have been working drills for back hand spring ups and rewinds but are looking for things that are just showy and interesting that we can try as well!

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    - back/front handspring ups.
    - Rewinds (use a side base to bump it)

    ETA: okay clearly I didn't read the last paragraph of your post.....

    Coed basket tosses are always super impressive cause of the height you can get. Try those?
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    Hey Riley,

    I messaged you

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    Work perfecting progressions before advancing. It sucks at times but it helps tremendously.

    If your guys aren't tossing and catching cupies at the top, they shouldn't be doing full ups.

    If they aren't tossing and catching extensions at the top, then they shouldn't be doing libs, etc.

    Once the technique is built up by progressions, any skill is really possible.