College Team Fundraising?

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    Hey guys! I tried looking for a similar topic, but could not find one. Sorry if it is a double post by accident.

    So in some states/schools, college cheer teams are considered a sport, therefore they get some of the sport funds from the university. However, my college does not do that, so we end up paying for everything ourselves, out of pocket.

    It can definitely get pricey, and this year especially, we are struggling to still register for competitions without breaking the bank.

    In college, fundraising is trickier than high school. Its very difficult to go door-to-door asking for people to buy food/teeshirts/blankets because most houses are college kids who are broke as well.(And don't care that the cheer team needs money.) And while selling candy bars sometimes works, going to the student union to sell can get tricky because not many students bring cash with them (because of how our dining plan works.)

    We have done a couple of camps/clinics here and there, but I am not sure how to get MORE clinics...

    What fundraisers does your team do to help out? Is there anything in particular that you have discovered worked well, or vice versa? Thank you!
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    Could you sell shirts on your Facebook page? We did a Nike Flash store last year and advertised it on our social media pages.

    I know I've seen a lot of teams sell shirts like that to raise money for nationals before.

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    My team is running into the same problem right now, and we have a lot of strict guideline our school makes us follow which makes it difficult to get any fundraising done.

    One thing we used to do that raised most of our funds for nationals was we volunteered at Gillette Stadium and worked concessions for Revolution games, Patriots games, and concerts. Throughout the season, that raised about $8,000. However, administration at my school shut that down so we were not able to do it this year.

    I came here looking for help on fundraising too. We are not allowed to do anything that requires an order form, and money can only be exchanged 2 places on campus. We just had a clinic and are setting up a few fundraisers at restaurants like Panera and Chipotle, but those aren't usually very lucrative. We are also trying to do sponsorship t shirts, but companies don't seem to be getting back to us with donations.
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    Kids clinic? Have the kids perform at halftime of a basketball game.