Heelstretch And Bow And Arrow Tips

Discussion in 'Skills' started by FaithOverFear!, Jun 21, 2015.

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    This year I joined a new gym, and I'm flying. I have a really good bow and arrow and heelstretch on my left leg, but they fly on their right leg (at least for libs) and I would really like to improve my flexibility for my heel stretch and bow and arrow. I am stretching everyday but it's not making a huge amount of difference. Currently I lean a lot when I pull my bow and arrow and my heel stretch is very low and it hurts to pull it. I have splits on both legs, with my left leg splits a bit better than my right, and my middle splits as well. Please post any links or helpful resources for stretching my heel stretch and bow and arrow. Thanks!!!

    Oh and I did look at lot of threads but some are old with broken links, etc.

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    Work on over splits. Get a resistance band to help with pulling the skills. And just keep working on it