Help Ordering Motionflex Skirts?

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    I’m ordering new MF skirts and don’t know what the options are. Normally, I’d ask the exiting cheer advisor for the rep’s contact info, but she’s on vacation and I don’t want to bother her. Also, I haven’t formally introduced myself to the rep yet and don’t want to call her abruptly and be annoying. However, I’d like to move forward on decisions sooner rather than later, but I can’t do that if I don’t know what’s available.


    My primary question concerns the skirts with braiding on the waistband. If a hem design is shown with braiding on the waist, do I have the option of ordering it without the braid on the waist? Or is it an all or nothing design?


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    Could I get this skirt without the braid on the waist? Not the best example, but closest I could find.

    Also, are MF braid styles available to be adjusted, a la the options Varsity provides in the back of the catalog? (Three stripes vs. five stripes, etc.) Or do the skirts shown come as is, no design changes allowed? How much freedom do we have when it comes to MF skirts? My only previous experience in ordering pieces has been with in-stock items that did not allow for much creative design, so I’m a little out of my element here.

    Thanks so much.
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