is it just at my daughter's school?

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    its 100 percent made up by the school. there is no rule against it, as it happens quite often. not only do people transfer, but they also dont go to school first semester and practice with the team, bc they have no interest in a college degree but only competing and its cheaper that way. the funny part about cheer is that since we are not an ncaa regulated sport, the only rules set for competing are those imposed by your school. if your school wants to allow, steroid abusing, felons who dont go to school be on teh cheer team, then it is technically allowed. i believe the only rule imposed at nca college nationals is that they prove they are in school, that could very well mean they signed up for classes and dropped out. please see witchita state 2006.

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    Dec 15, 2009
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    Is this not sort of what the problem at Morehead was last year? They competed at UCA with someone who graduated in Dec. and at UCA that is alright, but at Morehead it was against school policy so they refuse to recognize the title?