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    My name is Cory Hines a cheerleading and dance coach, choreographer, consultant and judge from Miami Florida. I’m writing you to let you know a little about myself should you ever be looking to expand your current pool of judges, clinic/camp instructors or choreographers.

    My Current experience includes:

    Coach, Choreographer and Uniform Designer at Top Gun All Stars (Levels 1-6)

    Head Cheer Coach at Florida International University

    Choreographer (Teams throughout the US, Essex and Brisbane)

    Judge for Varsity, All Star Games, ICC and Capital Cheer

    My Past experience includes:

    Coach at Miami Killian Sr High School

    Judge for Scotcheer and World Cup Cheer & Dance

    GK Territory Account Manager

    Spirit Cheer Summer Staff Instructor

    My summer schedule (July-September) in the states is pretty demanding but throughout the year I plan to make myself available for more opportunities to travel abroad and help share my passion for the cheer and dance industry!

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