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    Hello, this is Charlie Asciutto the head cheerleading coach at Kennesaw State University. We are a newly competitive program located 20 minutes north of Atlanta. In this new exciting stage we are looking for potential student athletes for the upcoming seasons! We cheer for football, volleyball, men's and women's basketball and will be competing this season at NCA college nationals. We have both coed and all girl!

    Benefits include:
    Out of state waivers
    Priority registration
    Adidas practice wear and uniforms provided
    Early move in for on campus housing
    Tickets for friends and family to the games
    Athletic trainer assigned to cheer
    Strength and conditioning training
    multiple practice facilities including some practices on a spring floor at the stingray all stars
    as well as other benefits

    We also want you to grow as a individual outside of the classroom and outside of our practice, so we allow you to join Greek life as well as compete with competitive cheer programs. Lots of close strong programs in the Atlanta area.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at