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    Ccan anyone help me understand the 1/4 twisting transition to prep? I had my girls hitting a scale with the base facing the front so flyers hips were facing the left, then pulling the knee into a lib and the side base would grab that foot dip and hit a half twisting the stunt to the front. I considered that a 1/4 twist transition but i dont seem to be getting credit for it.

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    Disclaimer. I am a parent, so coaches correct if i am wrong, but the way I understand it:

    If you are talking about stunts at belly level without a brace then transitioning to the front still at belly, no it wouldn't count. It only counts if the transition goes to prep level. If you are doing prep level with a brace, then it is being counted in pyramid, not stunts. The 1/4 up to prep only counts as an elite if you transition from floor or belly level to a 2 legged prep unbraced.
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    Regardless of what the bases are doing or facing, the turn is based on what the top's hips are doing. Do you have a video of the stunt?

    If I'm reading it correctly - you are saying that from the tummy-level lib, you dip and 1/4 turn while going up to prep?

    Without seeing the stunt... If you are not receiving credit for the stunt it is probably because the 1/4 turn is not occurring on the way to prep (so it is completed at tummy level) or the bases are taking too long to complete the 1/4 turn and the stunt hits prep level and then the turn finishes. The 1/4 turn has to occur during the transition from load/ground level up to prep level.