National Collegiate Acrobatics And Tumbling(ncata)

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    Just to clarify...I am not making a comment about feminity or masculinity in style. I am making a comment about sportsmanship and execution. Execution points such as flexibility, difficulty, stunting body positions by bases AND flyers....etc. Sportsmanship in that it was immature for UMD athletes to be ridiculed (verbally and in signs) wearing black ribbons in their hair. There is never a reason for disrespect or vulgarity. Also having watched gymnastics & tumbling for the past 14 years, I am well aware that no two passes done by an individual are ever EXACTLY the same. That's the thing that many lay people don't appreciate about "cheerleading" when they watch a quick 2:30 minute routine. That's exactly why the NCATA format is wonderful. It let's you understand and enjoy each aspect of the sport during the individiual rounds and then see it all put together during the final routine. SO many people have said "Now I get it" after seeing a meet.

    The final point was that I understand that every sport has it's growing pains, especially in it's infancy. It was just disappointing if not even unprofessional to see so many inconsistencies and errors in scoring (ie Azusa Pacific/Quinnipiac final routine score announcement).

    I am anxious to see what changes will be brought to the NCATA format next year. I realize it's been hard work for all six schools involved and appreciate the support put forth behind this sport.