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    Soles of SpiritTM designs and produces custom, interchangeable, memory foam athletic flip flops and slides. Our focus is on cheer, soccer, basketball, PTA and other school organizations, as well as their fans. We offer a generous give-back program to non-profits (ie. high school teams and/or their booster clubs) for fundraising, and offer discounts for bulk gym or team orders. Our sandal straps are made with hook material, to which our Spirit StrapsTM are attached. This is especially beneficial for athletes who are on more than one team, or participate in multiple activities. The wearer simply pulls off one or the pair of Spirit StrapsTM and places another. Our customization does not stop there. We have done orders for holidays, special fund-raising events, corporations, small businesses, and more. We can do gym logos (with owner approval), names, team names, team logos (we need authorization if they are trademarked), whatever your imagination comes up with. We help you design your perfect pair!
    We began from an idea that came to my partner, whose daughter has been a life long competitive cheerleader. As he was paying for pair after pair after pair of cheer shoes, the idea of custom slides to change into, thus lengthening the life of the cheer shoes came into his mind. The idea has snowballed, and we are bursting, as other cheer, soccer, and other sports parents see the value in our product, and also have fun designing their own Spirit StrapsTM.
    We are currently seeking vendor opportunities at your cheer competitions, beginning January, 2018. We will customize and produce our Spirit StrapsTM on-site. We also take orders at our website and our Facebook page at Facebook
    With Spirit In Our Soles,