Problems Stretching In A Straddle

Discussion in 'Skills' started by kayemm, Aug 5, 2012.

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    I took a year out of cheer while I studied abroad and ever since I've started back a year ago I am always in absolute agony when trying to stretch while sitting in a straddle. I can sit in the straddle OK but when I try and stretch either forward or towards my left leg, I get a really bad pain in my left inner thigh. My legs are a little hyperextended and I don't know whether this is anything to do with it. I have to stop the stretch and as a result my flexibility has suffered! I used to be able to stretch right forward in a straddle but now the pain is so bad I can barely even lean forward a couple of inches!
    Does anyone have any tips or stretches I can use to help stretch this inner thigh muscle? I think that's where the problem is. I don't want to force the straddle stretches in case I do even more damage to it.

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    I had the same issue and for me it was a weaker muscle that I pulled. It takes some time to heal. What I did was ice it then use a heatin pad and then stretch it, it will hurt a little but don't stretch to the point where it hurts a lot! Also in your straddle you should only have your ledgs 90 degrees if it's more than that it is bad or your leg muscles (unles you are doing jump conditioning, but that's different)