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    Royalty Allstar Cheer is a Non-Profit cheer program that is a low cost Allstar Cheer program.
    We offer lower cost programs but still offer a top quality facility, staff and teams!

    Allstar Team tryouts & placements:
    April 27th - flyers only 5-7
    April 28th - all athletes! 5-7
    Offering levels 2,3,4.2 and Open 4!
    **Everyone makes a team**
    ***Boys Cheer Free***
    Tryouts are free and everyone is welcome! Pre-registration via the website is mandatory for tryouts.
    Team placements are announced May 1st!

    Have a shy cheerleader or can't make it? Set up a private cheerleader by contacting us at

    We also offer non-tryout teams as well.
    Youth Prep 1 & Senior Prep 2!

    Royalty Allstar Cheer @ Precision Gymnastics
    1829 S Horne #13, Mesa, Arizona 85204

    Visit our website, Royalty Allstar Cheer
    Visit our facebook, Royalty Allstar Cheer - Mesa, Arizona - Cheerleading | Facebook