Single Base Stunts - Do’s And Don’t’s

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    ETA: by “single base” I mean one-man’s (so technically double base).

    Because I’ve always had a SL team (30 on the nose) I’m not super familiar with SB stunts except for very basic maneuvers in our cheer section. But this year I’m considering putting our dance at the end of our routine instead of our second pyramid (USA req’d) which means probably transitioning from our first pyramid at the end of our cheer right into the second one at the beginning of the second music section.

    The issue is that the end of the cheer has us in three stretch pyramids, with the center girls in halfs and the outliers in connected SB stretches. And if we’re going to transition to the next pyramid I have in mind — one with rolls, flips, etc. — I’m not sure if SB stunts are usable or if I’ll have to reorganise everyone into full stunt groups and then start building, which I’d like to avoid because it’s time-consuming.

    So when it comes to SB stunts:

    1. Can you sponge?

    2. Can you toss or catch a flyer in a roll or flip as long as she’s braced properly?

    3. Can you cradle? I thought you could, but I never see it so I’m unsure.

    Usually I’d go to the rules, but they can be tedious and unclear about partner stunts and I prefer the advice of real-time practicing coaches.

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