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    Excited to audition for the Trophies casting but feel a bit silly or weird in front of the camera? Here are our fave tips and tricks from acting pros to help you out!

    Use your phone or tablet

    No need for a fancy video camera, the quality from your phone is perfect and you can easily upload it to your IG stories and highlights right after!

    Find a quiet room

    Not only will you be less distracted and better able to focus, but your voice will be clearer. Nothing kills focus like your little brother or the TV blaring!

    Neutral backdrop

    A nice, clear wall or simple background that won’t pull focus from you and what you’re saying.


    Ok, so you may not have a ring light at home, but clear lighting that brightens your eyes is better than a single overhead bulb or weird candlelight from underneath. Try and keep shadows on your face to a minimum.

    Have someone to talk to

    It could be your mom or dad, or a friend. Talk to them rather than to the camera, you’ll feel more natural and relaxed, meaning you’ll show your best self!

    Set a time limit

    Don’t do it again and again until you’re so bored and tired you sound like a robot. Keep it light, remember… this is supposed to be fun!

    Easy on the makeup

    This isn’t competition. Light, natural makeup is best!

    We allow do-overs

    Although they’re watching as your videos go up, if you decide you’re not happy with your video, do another one! The director and casting agents know most of you haven’t done this before, so if it takes you three videos until you are happy with what you’ve posted, then make three videos! Just make sure you keep using the tags!

    Read the instructions!

    There are specific things the director is looking for, and they asked for that info specifically. For this casting, you need to tell us:

    • Your name (first name only!)
    • Current level
    • Tell us about your best skills (dance, choreography, basing, flying, tumbling!)
    • Your fave cheer memory
    • Why you’re excited to be considered for the show!

    Your video should be uploaded to your IG stories and then saved to HIGHLIGHTS on your page under the title TROPHIES.

    Tag @TrophiesTV @Cheerlife on each story segment to be sure we see it AND DON’T FORGET TO FILL OUT THE APPLICATION FORM TOO!!