Stealth Allstars 5/5-6

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    Interested in trying out for stealth in Costa Mesa, CA?

    Ages 3-18:
    Level 1/2- Sat May 5th 9:30-1:30
    Level 3/4- Sat May 5th 2:30-5:30
    Level 5- Sunday May 6th 1-4

    International Divisions (age as of Aug 31, 2012):
    Level 5(15 and up)- Sunday May 6th 1-4
    Level 6(17 and up)- Sunday May 6th 1-4

    There will be an open gym tonight (wednesday) for anyone trying out for our intl teams!

    Scholarships available to international athletes based on skill level (ex.- a double full could earn you a full season scholarship.)!
    Tryout fee is $40, cash only unless you call ahead and prepay.

    pm me if you have questions!