Summertime Stunt And Pyramid Skill Camps

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    Hello fierceboard members! My name is Charlie Asciutto and I am looking to do some weekend skill camp work with some allstar programs during this summer and into early fall. If you are looking to bring in any outside help this season please feel free to contact me. Weekends would be ideal! I have experience coaching from mini prep level 1 to open worlds and college teams.

    I work at the Stingray allstars and I currently am one of the coaches on the large youth 3, large senior restricted coed 5, large coed 5 and small international open coed 5 teams.
    I have also helped coach the large senior level 1, large international open coed 5 and large 4.2 teams in the last few years. I was a former cheerleader for Wallace State, Florida Atlantic university, Team USA and Top gun all stars. This will be my 12th summer staffing with Universal cheerleaders association and I'm also the head coach at Kennesaw State University.

    I really enjoy traveling and working with new programs, if you would be interested or have further questions please message me.
    Thanks and good luck this season!