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    Just like a school doesn’t have students gather together and have a party while opening their report cards, I really don’t think it’s necessary to throw a party when letting kids know what team they’re on. You can find out who’s on your team first practice (which is what kids should be most excited for, not a reveal party). Maybe an email isn’t as exciting, but it allows kids to process their emotions privately at whatever pace they need to without being around dozens of people who may not feel the same emotions as them during what is a personal matter. When I hear “Reveal” I think of baby showers, and I don’t know why this fluffy stuff has infiltrated the sport. We were fine without it but now everything seems to be called a Reveal lol. If it’s a very low key thing, maybe it’s okay, but when it’s like a party, no.

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    Our gym doesn’t do a big reveal party (we get called by coaches, which I think is a sweet way to do it but I assume extraordinarily time intensive) but I can see why it is done. AllStar is different than school cheer, no one is usually “cut” completely from AS. From the gyms perspective...all teams are valuable and worthy of celebrating. Having a party to grow excitement for the new season seems like a good idea. As with anything, though, for a small minority of athletes it may not be the best method.