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    By Lisa D. Welsh
    ShowStoppers Brianna, Kenzie and Rachel at CHEERSPORT two weeks ago. Brianna cheered this weekend while Kenzie and Rachel are wishing they were there.
    Not that travelling to competitions five weeks in a row doesn’t have its challenges, this weekend Rachel’s team didn’t compete and it just felt wrong.
    ShowStoppers at NCA Dallas in front of the official words of the game
    ShowStoppers added NCA-Dallas to its schedule and, to help defray costs, took SpiritFest in Connecticut off the board and transferred its comp fee to Dallas.
    It seemed like a good idea at the time but with other teams from PRO going to SpiritFest, the gym was closed and those not cheering were left at their wits ends.
    Including the cheer moms and cheer dads.
    Coach Becky rear left and Coach Jason with Defending National Spirit Festival Mini Level 1 Champions. Photo by Rina Still of standSTILL Photography
    While information from the battle field would take months to get home, cheer moms and cheer dads at home are able to get the news from our competition battles almost immediately. Final results were: Divas, Jr. Level 3, maintained its second place; Fierce Kidz, Mini Level 1, the team Becky coaches, are the National Champs-a title they were defending; SuperStars, Sr. Level 4; and PROs Sr. Coed Level 5 all placed first and named National Champions. In addition, SuperStars also won Level 4 Grand Champs. Now THAT must have been an amazing routine and I really wish I was there to see all the teams perform.
    As you can see, thanks to facebook, ShowStopper cheer parents were able to yearn from afar. Ridiculous I know but true! After travelling around the region for the last two months and flying to two of the biggest national comps two weekends in a row, you’d think we’d welcome a rest.
    To prove it’s not just me, here’s the fb transcript of ShowStopper cheer moms. It goes without saying that I loved that they picked up on the CHEERMaD lingo…

    • Annekje Van de Water So I know that we just finished cheer MaDness with three comps in a row 2 way out of state…..but is it just me or does everyone else wish we were at Spirit Fest? or does that just make me officially, CheerMaD!
      Annekje Van de Water!! LOL!!
      Jennifer Susen-Roy Seems strange to NOT be competing and to NOT be at the gym!! [​IMG]
      Gayle Bosworth Me too, I wish we were there!
      Gayle Bosworth Ashley likes the jackets — did you guys see them?
      Jennifer Susen-Roy Yea, they are GREAT!!! So HAPPY for the Fierce Kids!!! ♥
      Sheila Torres HahAhahaaa we were there and Gabe too he was so sad;-(
      Gayle Bosworth Probably silly but we came home about 12:00 and the first thing I said I wonder how the teams are doing wonder if they had awards yet! Not good that we are not there [​IMG]
      Sheila Torres Fierce 1st divas 2nd
      Annekje Van de Water At least I know we are all CheerMaD!!!!
      Gayle Bosworth true true
      Sheila Torres Ohhhhhh YES hahaAa!
      Diana Malenchini I wish we were there too lmao..crazy!!
      Lisa DuFries Welsh ME TOO! Yes we are all certifiably!!! Rachel begged me to take her today. Miss watching the teams tho
      When I breach the idea that this would make a good CHEERMaD story, this was the reply
      Annekje Van de Water Lisa – Write it!!!!!! I mean I cried for the first time in Dallas. I can’t stand that we aren’t at the comp this weekend. I am definitely officially certifiable CheerMaD! Lol
      Michelle O’Sullivan I don’t like it all! I wish we went. It sounded great to have a break earlier in the week but now :
      Gayle Bosworth we should really have been at the comp — sitting home while everyone else is at a comp is not that great — but we get two lazy days out of this, and we can sure use it!
      Christine Dupont Benincasa cheer mad. I fell asleep driving home from there today ad I didn’t even stay to see Hannah (daughter on the PROs Level 5/younger daughter is on Fierce Kidz/ShowStoppers)
      Rebecca Nutting Stratford YES, WE WISHED WE WERE THERE ALL WEEKEND!!!! Competing and cheering on the rest of the PRO teams. It was hard to be here and not there (although after being gone for basically a whole month, I had LOTS to catch up on!!) Just glad all of our teams did a FANTASTIC job! PROud to be part of this amazing family ♥
    Yes, it was nice to sleep later than 5 a.m. on a weekend and not have to stress through the hair bump that never quite sits right on Rachel’s head. It certainly was nice not to have to spend any more money on hotel fees. But, like Gayle, I found myself looking at the clock wondering if, first, the routines had hit and, second, if awards were done. I know enough by now not to text Becky and wait to hear from someone else (she wont check in until much later as all coaches are present for all teams and awards).
    ShowStopper/Fierce Kid Abbi and ShowStopper/SuperStars Coach Holly are at Spirit Fest-lucky ducks!
    Some ShowStoppers are also on Fierce Kidz and SuperStars so will be competing this weekend, others have siblings on some of the other teams and are attending SpiritFest in a supporting role. Rachel begged me to go this weekend but I stood firm, even though I knew it would be great to support the other teams in the gym.
    My non-cheer friends don’t get it, including my husband who would much rather do anything than go to a competition. I don’t see the appeal of a quiet weekend at home. In fact, it’s among the lights, the music, the chaos and the energy of competitions that I feel much more at home.