Open Team Register

Jul 29, 2018
Open Team Register
  • This list can be updated by all. Looking for an open team (or have one and need athletes) post it here! First line general info, and second line description.

    Cali Coast Elite (San Diego, CA) - International Open Coed 6 (2016-2017)
    We are looking for new members to join our IO6 Coed team, Riptide for the 2016-2017 season. We practice Mondays 8:30-10PM and Thursdays 8-10PM. Tuition is $25 per month which includes a free tumbling class (Tuesdays 8:30-9:30PM) and free open gyms (Saturdays 11-1pm). Competition fees will be kept to a minimum with optional fundraising. Must have some cheer experience a Toe-Tuck is a plus. Specifically we need additional Flyers but are open to all positions. Please contact Coach Aaron at for additional info or to come visit us.

    2016-2017 - IOC5 Evolution All Stars - Bridgewater, NJ
    The team has a core group of skilled and dedicated athletes already in place and will be training throughout the summer on Thursday nights 7-9 and will start competing in the winter. Open to all true level 5 athletes ages 14 and up.
    Contact Sam at


    · Open Team Level TBD

    · Staten Island, NY

    · Near all public transportation


    Looking to build on our already incredible success. Join us for the 2014-2015 season! Contact us now for more information.

    New Jersey
    Spirit factory all stars. Has started an open International level 6 if interested
    Please check us out
    Spirit factory all stars

    S.M.A.S.H Elite All stars
    We have started a Co-ed open Level 4
    $40 a month practice is wednesdays 9-11PM. We are located in Hainesport,NJ
    Low cost come join us for our 1st Season


    Gem of Champions - Daphne, AL will have an IOC 6 team forming this summer. See the website Gem of Champions or email for more information.

    If anyone knows of or is considering to have an allgirl io5, io6, or o4 - please post! It would be greatly appreciated!


    AZ Element (Peoria, AZ) Open Coed 4 (Vibranium)
    Desert Storm Elite (Scottsdale, AZ) - International Open Coed 5 & International Open Coed 6
    Royalty Allstar Cheer (AZ Royal Precision - Mesa, AZ) Open Coed 4 - Aces - for more information email:
    Top Gun Allstars (Peoria, AZ) - International Open Coed 5 (Immortals) and Open Coed 4 (Golden Ops)

    British Columbia, Canada

    TRU Wolfpack Cheerleading Squad Open Level 4 - Kamloops British Columbia, Thompson Rivers University
    Contact Coach Kelsey @ for any info or questions!


    Nor Cal Elite All Stars (San Jose, CA)- International Open Coed 4 (2015-2016)
    Practices are Sunday 5-7:30! Nor Cal Elite All-Stars

    Pacific Coast Magic Open 4!!! First OPEN Practice on July-6th-2014 @ 3:30 pm.
    (5 Watson Irvine, Ca)
    Information regarding Tuition, Competitions, and Practices will be given out at the first open practice.

    CheerForce San Diego - International Open Coed 5 & International Open All Girl 5
    Will be having international practices on Tuesdays STARTING on June 5 at 8pm for BOYS and GIRLS. We will be having an International Coed and International All Girl. Everyone is welcome. We will be having FINAL tryouts for the 2 teams on July 20 and 21, 2012. If you need more information, please PM me! Limited slots available! (Concord, CA) - International Open Coed 6 - PrimeTime
    Open tryouts/workouts will be going on throughout the summer until July 28th with the team being announced on August 1st. We will field an International Coed 6 team of 24 athletes. We are going to be doing some fundraising and offering used uniforms to help with the cost. Contact Coach Regina at

    Pacific Coast Magic (Corona, CA)- International Open Coed 5 "Karma" & International Open All Girl 5 "Believe"
    Practices are twice a week Wednesdays & Sundays from 7-9. We are still excepting athletes. We attend a private Woodward West camp in September. Please vist our website for more details

    Stealth Allstars (Costa Mesa, CA) - International Open Coed 6 has open practices Tuesday nights from 9:30 - 11:30pm and sat afternoon 12:30-2:30
    International open All Girl 5 - Tuesdays from 7:0o - 9:30pm and saturday morning/afternoon as well. NO TUITION OR COMPETITION FEES!! THESE TEAMS ARE SPONSORED. only pay travel fees and worlds fees. go to Team OC to find out more information or email

    Riptide All Stars (Salinas) -
    International Coed 5
    Practice 3 times a week. Tuesday 7:30-9:30, Friday 7:30-9:30 and Saturday 7:00-9:00pm
    International Coed 6
    Practice once a week. Saturday 8:00-11:00 am or email


    Spirit Allstars (Hamden, CT) - International Open Coed 6 (Onyx)
    Practice once a week on Sunday nights from 6:00p - 9:00p and looking to add another day once the season gets started. Onyx will attends local competitions around the area only pay travel fees, competition fees and uniform (really easy to get sponsors). We also tend to take off competitions off the schedule once we get our bid to save cost. or email

    Spirit All Stars (Hamden, CT) - International Open All Girl 6
    Practice Thursday Evenings 8:30-10:30 and Saturdays 6-8. Pretty easy competition schedule and an awesome group of young ladies.

    *Looking to start a Open Level 4 team at the Spirit All-Stars location in Greenwich, CT.


    Rock Solid (Pinellas Park)- Small International Open Coed 5 (Ri5e)
    Practice Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:30-9:30
    Email for more information.

    Stingray Allstars (Tampa, FL)
    Stingray AllStars Tampa is fielding an international open coed level 4 team. Ages 14+ Tryout is May 19th 3-6pm and video submissions to are due by May 18. Please let your friends and teammates know about this!

    Top Gun (Orlando, FL) - Small International Open Coed 5 (TGIF)

    Top Gun (Miami, FL) - International Open Coed 5 (OO5) and Open Level 4 (O4)


    Legends Elite (Marietta, GA/ 5 minutes outside the perimeter)- International Open Coed 6
    Email for more info.

    Stingray Allstars (Marietta, GA) - International Open Coed 6 (Rust)
    Worlds, no tuition, only competition fees. Rust is a competitive coed level 6 that goes to a few local competitions then Worlds. If interested in trying out, please email

    Stingray Allstars (Marietta, GA) - Open 4

    CheerTyme All-Stars of Ga (Decatur, Ga.)-Level 4 Open Team
    Do you know anyone who is 18 and older and still have the Cheertyme of Ga skills? If so let them know CTA has a Level 4 Open team for the upcoming 2015-2016 season! Please contact Lisa Woodard at for more information. Also feel free to contact us on Facebook (Cheertyme All-Stars of Ga) or on Instagram and Twitter at gocheertyme.


    Aloha Cheer Academy (Honolulu, HI) - International Open Coed 5


    Cheer Illinois Athletics (Bensenville, IL) – International Open Coed 6 (Magnum)
    Worlds, tuition (exception - males), travel/competition, uniform and choreography fees. Magnum is a competitive coed level 6 team that goes to a few competitions and Worlds. Practices are twice a month on Sundays. Open workouts/team selection going on now. First open gym will be August 19th at 6:30.If interested, contact Melvin Del Rosario at (847) 962-5100 or for more information.
    Magnum (Video)

    Allstar Athletics (Tinley Park,IL) Open 4
    Sr 4 OPEN Team for ages 17 and older...HS graduates can continue competitive cheerleading... a true all-star team of local HS graduates
    Allstar Athletics - 2015-16 TRYOUTS

    ICE Allstars (Aurora, IL) International Open Coed 5
    Worlds bound International team lookin to attend local completions and obtain a bid to the 2013 USASF Cheerleading Worlds Comp. Coached by Ernie Valdes, times TBD. or

    Twisters Elite (Lake Villa, IL) - Open Hip Hop
    1st year having a open dance team. This team is meant for all the senior kids that aged out but are still around and anyone who just loves to dance. Will attend worlds if bid is obtained. This team is going to be a bunch of fun! Contact Chloe for details or!

    Ultimate Athletics (Wauconda, IL) - International Open Coed 5
    1st year international open coed level 5 team. Will be attending Worlds 2013 if bid is obtained. Practices beginning in August on Sundays from 7-10pm.

    ICE Allstars (Aurora, IL) - Junior 2
    Please come to ICE to try out for the forming Junior 2 team! We need a lot more girls! No experience needed! Contact ICE for an evaluation

    Illinois Allstars (Addison, IL)- Open Coed Hip Hop (Titanium), Open Male (Elektron) & International Open Coed 5
    1st year open teams for dance and cheer, teams will be attending Worlds 2015 after obtaining a bid. Tryouts begin in April for cheer and May for dance. Please contact our gym manager Ariel for more information via email at or check our website to fill for the tryout forms at Welcome to ILLINOISALLSTARS.COM


    KC Cheer (Lenexa, KS) - International Open Coed 5
    First practice will be Sunday June 24th at 2 pm. Meeting will follow with information on costs and competition fees.
    If you have any questions contact our coaches at


    Louisiana Cheer Force (Baton Rouge, LA) - International Open Coed 5 (Onyx)
    No fees except travel expenses. Contact for more info.


    Cheer Thunder All-stars (Millersville, MD) - International Open 6
    Compete locally and at out of state National competitions. Low-cost tuition, with fundraising available.
    Interested in competing during the 2013-14 season? Email Mike Warner at for more info!

    East Coast Majestic (Severn, MD) - International Open Coed 6
    Team members pay for competition fees, uniform, choreography and any travel expenses. NO gym fees!

    VIP Athletics Vipers (Joppa, MD) - International Coed 5/6
    Interest meeting June 18th @ 7pm. Practices once a week and competes at local competitions. For more information call the gym at 410.575.7465


    Baystate Allstars (Shrewsbury, MA)
    International Open All Girl 6
    Team practices Wednesday nights 8-11. $25 a month plus competition fees. Team is going for a bid to worlds this year!

    Full House Allstars (West Bridgewater, MA) - International Open Coed 6 & International Open All Girl 6
    Will have 2 open teams one coed 6 and one all girl 6. Both teams attended worlds last year. The only fees you will pay will be competition fees and a choreography fee. Teams practice Sunday nights, visit or email for more information.

    Ultimate Starz Athletics (Weymouth, MA) - Open 4
    Will be having a open level 4 team. Free tuition, only pay for uniform and competition fees. For more information, visit


    Minnesota Ice All Stars (Duluth, MN)
    International Open Co-Ed (Will be competing at either level 5 or 6)
    Team practices Sunday nights. $50 a month plus competition fees. Uniform is $85. Visit for more information!

    Michigan Xtreme All Stars (Plymouth/Canton, MI)
    Looking to add to our IOC5 team right now. Currently Open Gyms are taking place with team selections. Main Tryout is Sunday, June 23rd.
    Email Rep:


    Michigan Storm Cheer and Dance
    (Midland, MI)
    Looking to add to our current IOC5 of 20 athletes! Our IOC5 is the top in the state, having been US Finals Overall Champions beating out all IOC5 teams in the country. Tryouts have already happened but its not too late to join for our 2014-2015 season! We're on the Road 2 World's!
    (989) 859-3728

    Michigan Xtreme All Stars (Plymouth/Canton, MI)

    DMD ALL Stars (Detroit, MI)
    Looking to build our program! 2 Level 1 teams, youth and senior. Ages 5-18. Contact! Check out!


    Platinum Athletics (Maryland Heights, MO)
    International Open Coed 5 (Chrome)
    Starting in August of 2014, Platinum Athletics will be offering an International Open Coed Level 5 Team. Will be attending Champion Spirit Group SuperNationals in March. Looking to fundraise for competition fees and uniforms with the Goal of attending 2015 Worlds. Requirements are as follows:
    Boys: Standing Full, Running Double, Jump to Tuck, Coed/Partner Stunt Experience
    Girls: Jump to Tuck, Upper level Flying Abilities, Running Full Preferred.
    Practices will be held on Sunday nights. Contact Coach Kyle Gadke at for more information.

    New Hampshire

    Limelight Elite Allstars (Concord, NH) - International Open Coed 5 & International Open Coed 6
    Currently have an IOC5 with limited slots left. Looking to field an IOC6. Contact for more info.

    Prime Time (Dover, NH) - Will be having another Open team this year. Level is still TBD. Sign-ups will be in August, practices start in September. Cost is minimal. Team has been undefeated for two years now. Check back on our website for more details

    New Jersey

    Spirit Explosion (Cinnaminson, NJ) International Open Coed 5 (Take5)
    2013-14: We are still accepting athletes for the 2013-14 season. Right now, we especially REALLY need guys who can tumble and stunt coed!! Practice is typically Sundays at 7 but were pretty accommodating to schedules. (kik: ericalincheer if you have questions/etc. or call the gym!)
    we made it to worlds last year first time but we want to improve and make it to day2.:)This team has already begun practices. They are sunday at 7pm. call or text me for more info(856)434-1536 names brandon.

    World Cup Allstars (Freehold, NJ) - International Open Coed 5 (Lazers)
    This team will be starting in the fall and continue through April. Competitions would start in Jan/Feb. Monthly Tuition is $50 and practices are every Sunday during the regular season. Competitions fees are around $500 and uniforms are around $150. Athletes are responsible for their own travel.

    Jersey Wild All Stars (West Windsor, NJ) - International Open Coed 6 (Pumas)
    This team had a very success season in 2013. We will be having tryouts in June. For more details visit

    Central Jersey Allstars (Kenilworth, NJ) - International Open 6
    5th Place U.S. Worlds Trials, 9th Place Finish at 2012 Cheerleading Worlds. Competes Regionally from February-April. Monthly Gym Fee is $40. Practices 9pm-11pm on Thursday Nights. Contact or call 908-241-1600 for additional information. Tryouts will be held some time in August/Early September. More information will be posted on our facebook page (Central Jersey) as it becomes available.

    Cheer Pride All Stars (Whippany, NJ)- Open Coed 4
    We are considering trying to field a team in this division for the 2014-2015 season. Email us at to add your info to our contact list for an interest meeting:)

    New York

    NY Icons (Rochester, NY) - International Open Coed 5 (formerly Fame NY, same staff, new name)
    Has opening on their IOC5 team for all positions. Comps start in December

    CNY Storm (Syracuse, NY and Albany, NY) -International Open Coed 6 in Syracuse, and International Open Coed 5 in Albany as well as Open Hip Hop in Albany.
    CNY Storm All Stars

    South County Storm Allstars (Lakewood, NY) - International Open Coed 6
    &5 miles South of Buffalo, 45 miles East of Erie will be offering their Open Coed 6 team for it's third season in the best facility in the Chautauqua County area at the Lakewood YMCA! For more info contact Coach Tammy Bisson at!

    Cheer Intensity All-Stars (Albany, NY)- International Open 6 and International Open Coed 4!
    Level 6 (Lady Boas) practices Thursday 8-10pm and Sunday 5-7pm for the summer. Tuition is only $40 for those out of high school! We will be vying for a worlds bid. I4 (Honey Badgers) practices 7-10 on Sunday nights and is also only $40 a month. Both teams are almost full (only 2-3 spots available on each team). Email or call Jessica for info. (518) 869-0569

    Infiniti Elite Athletics (Mahopac, NY) - Looking for interest to start a team
    Willing to start an open team if there is interest. Contact Cari at if interested.

    WNY Outlaw Allstars (Clarence, NY) - International Open All Girl 5 & International Open All Girl 6
    We go to about 7 to 10 competitions a year local and National and Worlds. We practice 2x a week and a tumbling class (so 3 practices total). We are also having a IO6; it's the 3rd year for this team, but trying to go to Worlds this year; this team practices once a week and a tumbling class (so 2 practices total). For each team you need to pay tuition choreography and competition fees. Visit for more details. Placements were made already, but its never too late to be apart of our FAMILY. <3

    Triple Threat All Stars (Colonie, NY) - Open Coed Level 6 (Est 2009)
    Practice 2x a week. We have attended 5-12 national competitions per season. All registration/monthly fees can be located in our season packet under the forms tab at Its not too late to become a THREAT.

    Buffalo Envy All Stars (Buffalo, NY) Open Level 6
    Tryouts Monday, November 5 from 8pm-10pm. All information, including pricing, practice, tumbling, and competition schedule, can be found at
    Email us at with any questions!

    North Carolina

    Carolina Legacy Cheer and Dance (Cary, NC) is going to put together a IOC5/IOC6 team this season. We ARE planning on getting a bid and going to worlds! If you are in the area nad are looking for a cheer family to join, please stop by!

    ECCATS (Greenville, NC) is holding tryouts on Saturday September 7th at 4:30 pm for both their IOC5 Jags as well as their IAG Cougars! Visit EC CATS or you can email Jamie at or visit us on Facebook ( East Carolina Cheerleading and Tumbling School ) for more information.

    American Elite Allstars (Tallmadge,Oh) -International Open 5
    First Workout toward the end of August, picking team soon after. Tweet us at @AEofOhio with questions.


    Styleshock Cheer & Dance (Tualatin, OR) - Open Coed 6


    FAME Allstars (State College, PA) Open team! email for more information. Visit Home - Fame All Stars

    Keystone Extreme (Scranton, PA)-International Open Coed 5
    We will be starting practices for this team soon and have a few open spots. If interested please contact Ashley at or Denise at or visit the website for more information

    Pittsburgh Fame (Penn Hills/Pittsburgh PA
    We now have an open team started and looking for a few more to join our Pittsburgh Fame Open team. 412 583-5085

    Rebels All Stars (Bangor, PA)- Open Coed 5
    This gym is hoping to start an open team this season! We aren't sure if it is going to be all-girl or coed yet, depends on the turn out. For more information contact Kellian Jones at 570.994.4055

    State All Stars (Norristown, PA) - International Open Coed 5
    This team has competed at Worlds each year since it's start (2010, 2011, 2012). Compete at local and non-local competitions and have been very successful. Lowest price in the area. More info on as well as an email address for coach/gym owner contact.

    Nittany All-Stars (State College, PA) - Open Coed 6

    South Carolina

    ROCKSTAR CHEER (Greenville, SC)- International 5 (Killers) & International Coed 5 (Rolling Stones)
    Email (Scott Foster)

    ACX Cheer (Columbia, SC) - International Open All Girl 6 & International Open Coed 6
    Email (Jason Hatcher) and (Brandon Burton)

    PCX Allstars (Mt. Pleasant, SC) - Open Level 4


    DIAMONDS ALL-STARS (Knoxville, TN) - IOC5
    - We are so incredibly PROUD & EXCITED to announce tryouts for DIAMONDS ALL-STARS SHOWTIME INTERNATIONAL OPEN COED 5! Please call 865-250-6808 to schedule a private evaluation and for more info! You don't want to miss this incredible opportunity. This team will receive the highest level of production.. from the nations top choreographers to the best uniforms, music & coaching!


    Apex Cheer (Houston, TX)-IOC 5

    Woodlands Elite (Oak Ridge North, TX) - International Open Coed Level 5. All costs except travel and lodging paid by gym for high school graduates and older. Contact for more info. WE will need to replace a few crossovers for Worlds!

    Texas Lonestar Cheer (Houston, TX)- IOC 6

    Austin Cheer Factory (Austin, TX) IOC 5 only International Open Coed Level 5 in Austin Texas! Contact me if you want to schedule an evaluation 318-537-4961. Worlds bound 2015-2016.

    Powersports (College Station, Tx)- IOC 6

    Prodigy All Stars (Cypress, Tx)-IOC 5


    FAME Allstars ( Virginia Beach, VA) - "Show Girls" International Open All Girl 5
    (Yorktown, VA) - "Finale" International Open CoEd 5
    Home - Fame All Stars


    Connect Cheer NW - "Royal" open co-ed 6. Practice on Sunday evenings. Email for more information. Working tryouts are still being accepted throughout the year.

    South Elite Allstars - "Titans" International Open Coed 5. Practice Thursday nights and Sunday evenings. Email for details.

    West Virginia

    All-Star Fusion -Right on WVA border Co-Ed IO5
    Tryouts Sept 15th at 3pm at All-Star Fusion.


    Cheer Wisconsin (Sun Prairie, WI) - International Open Coed 5
    Interest & skill building period: April 2013 - August 2013
    Open workouts: Wednesdays - 8pm-10pm ($5 at the door...subject to enrollment)
    Sunday Performance workshops: 6 - 8pm April 7th & 21st, May 5th & 19th, June 9th & 23rd, July 7th & 21st, August 4th.
    Tryouts: August 17th &/or 18th
    Choreography: August 25th (all day)
    School Year: Sundays (September - March): 2 Sundays/Month 12-3:30pm.
    Call: (608)541-8012

    Kentucky Elite will be having an International Coed team this year!
    skills session: May 25th at 1:00
    Contact me (Madeleine Simpson) if you are interested! 270-792-4372
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