Cheer Dc Performs At Dc Pride!

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    One of the things we love about cheerleading is that the unity and family a team provides goes far beyond the sport. Cheer DC is an organization in the capital that provides GLBT athletes and their straight allies who were former cheerleaders, gymnasts, dancers, acrobats, etc. ages 21 and up with an outlet to continue active participation in a team sport and utilize athletic skills that may otherwise go unused.

    Their aim is:

    • To provide an open and affirming environment for these athletes to foster their performance talents and athletic abilities, develop lasting friendships, and deliver support to local GLBT sports teams, events, and charitable activities;

    • To volunteer for charitable organizations dedicated to helping the GLBT community in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area;

    • To promote diversity, understanding, teamwork, and giving back to the GLBT community of Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and beyond.
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    Heard great things about Pride Cheerleading Association as a whole!