Conditioning And Drills During Covid

Discussion in 'High School Cheerleading' started by ErinS, Aug 5, 2020.

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    I am coach a competitive JV team this year. 22 out of 28 girls have NEVER stunted before.

    According to our HSL—-competition practice with stunting begins 9/8 and competition season 10/13 (no comment on that)

    Right now we can practice in groups of 16–including coaches and use equipment (which I’m avoiding to the best of my ability )

    Can anyone recommend any drills and conditioning that we can do for stunting. ESP for bases and backs

    Anyone else a HS coach in a similar position? How are y’all running practice

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    There’s a ton you can do!
    If you can’t stunt right now I would recommend a few really great drills that promote leg use explosion of skill.
    Have your bases/backs fill up a backpack to where it’s reasonably heavy then have them hold an athletic shoe (with good grips) at set level. Do 10 sets of eight Basic stunt counts Going to prep and extension with the goal being to lift the back back as high off the back as possible all while keeping a straight back and keeping a good firm grip and planted feet.
    - do the same for a straight liberty
    -do the same simulating a spinning skill while advising your main to keep their elbow tucked under the grip and making sure everyone simulates the released Count and grab count at the same time.
    note: make sure to correct improper form, adjusted grips, lazy explosions and movement of planted feet between starting and finishing skill simulation.

    another good drill:
    Fill an athletic shoe with a small soup Can, for backs, stuff two pairs of socks with cans.
    Have kids lift the shoe/socks above their heads (10 eight counts) of catch and release with perfect grips and locked out arms. Make sure they’re absorbing with their legs at the end of the simulated skill.

    For inverts:
    Have bases hold a Basic pillow in the correct inverted
    Position... 10 eight counts of training them to push front arm first...rocking the pillow slightly back to push with the back arm and catch the pillow at a balanced position, dipping 1, push 2 hit 3 balance 4 down 5.
    Must balance multiple times in a row to stop the drill.
    As for conditioning- core work, core work, core work
    Planks for DAYS (this is what saves my kids)...
    use this time to establish a very strong team bond- last year I got a very late start and had to make a ton of changes... time isn’t everything, team is.

    Hope that helped! You’ve got this! Hang in there