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    In my area there are no governing boards over recreational cheer. We do not have many rec teams, we have 3 to be exact and one of them is not a Rec team though they claim to be. If anyone knows of any in the Arizona area please let me know. Or any information on how to form one. We are all out of sync and it would be nice to be cohesive with one another. I am very close with one of the cheer squads and know there Coach would be very interested in this. PLEASE HELP.

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    Okay I am not sure if this will help you, but if your team is competing at any big brand competition, then they will follow the USASF rules for all-star prep, (aka Rec Cheer). Basically the difference between rec, and all-star is ability level and competitive nature.

    In Arizona you would follow the USASF rules: this is their website

    Here is a direct quote from their web page about rec teams:
    All Star Prep

    Information for the 2012-2013 season USASF All Star Prep Program is as follows.

    ALL STAR PREP These are non-sanctioned divisions that do not count toward any Cheerleading Worlds bid. Event producers are requested to complete a USASF “waiver” to offer this division during the 2012-13 season.

    The following criteria must be met in order to compete in these divisions:
    * Maximum routine length is 2 minutes
    * At any given event, an athlete may not crossover between teams competing in a standard division and teams competing in a ‘Prep’ division (and vice versa).

    In addition to the criteria listed above, Event Producers may apply their own additional unique criteria when defining eligibility requirements for these divisions. Event Producers must declare what criteria they used to differentiate their ‘Prep’ divisions from the standard USASF divisions (ex: for half year teams, for teams not allowed to practice more than 2 hours a week).
    Please contact your Regional Director if you have additional questions. Regional Director Contact Info

    Arizona's regional director is Karen Wilson here is her email:

    Not sure if this was what you were looking for but hopefully you find it as a helpful start!
    Good luck :)