If Dr. Seuss Were Certifiably Cheermad

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    By Lisa D. Welsh
    Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!​
    [​IMG]I am CHEERMaD,
    Yes I am
    That I am


    I drive my car,
    my car I drive,
    to practice, practice,
    me oh my.

    [​IMG]I pay for lessons,
    I pay to tumble
    I pray to keep my athlete humble.
    I sit and watch the team improve,
    the stunts, the jumps, their every move.
    So what if my kid is in the back?
    I smile and smile but do not hack
    down the teammates who are in front
    or the ones who crown the stunt.

    Gossip! Gossip!
    Gossip I say.
    Gossip! Gossip! Go AWAY!
    There is no room for Gossip here,
    It’s hard enough to get through the year.


    I drive, I pay, I smile and watch
    and hope and pray they do not botch
    the routine at comps far and wide
    where five hours early I have arrived.
    And at awards, if they are on time,​
    I stretch to see which child is mine.​
    Then I see her on the brink​
    It her, it’s her, it’s her (I think)​

    Not a ribbon, a medal, another backpack,
    A jacket, a trophy, a sweatshirt or plaque,
    But the travel weekends over which we bond
    and the priceless memories, of that I’m fond.

    I am CHEERMaD,
    Yes I am,
    That I am

    Special thanks to Theodor Seuss Geisel, his words and his art, which inspired this CHEERMaD.