I'm Scared To Keep Twisting?

Discussion in 'Skills' started by cheernerd5678, Aug 4, 2012.

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    So i've been throwing halfs (halves?) on the tumbl trak for about 3 months now. the problem is, i can't go any farther! I've gotten into the habit of throwing my arms out and stopping myself.
    The other day, I went to twist farther, and it was going really well, i set high, i didn't throw my arms out, but then as i landed i kind of ran into the wall (the tumbl trak is along the wall on the side of the gym)
    now i'm scared to do it! I don't like tumbling off the tumbl trak (which is where the wall wouldn't be in the way) because I did once and I broke both of my arms.
    I can still throw halfs but its scary. Even when there's a big mat there that I know will protect me I'm still scared to do it. Plus most of the time when I try to go farther I throw my arms out and grab the wall. Any ideas on how to keep twisting/stop throwing my arms out?

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    I think you should throw it on the floor with a spot because it won't help any more if you keep doing the same thing and never progress