Ring Chasers

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    Feb 12, 2010
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    Why does it matter what someone else is doing with their life? I mean really? Just worry about getting your degree and if you already have yours just worry about your own life... I have my degree and cheered in college, but it's none of my business what someone else is doing. Just my opinion.

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    I think the concern with these "Ring Chasers" is how they affect the rest of the team. Unless you are a perennial powerhouse (UK, UofL, HPU etc) your goal is to move up a place or two every year. That said, someone who joins your team for just a year throws off that progress. You've worked to become a team and gain new skills. When someone leave unexpectedly like that, it throws off the team's chemistry. Not to mention that it's very disrespectful. You're not seen as a team player. If I were a college coach and someone came to my tryouts that had been to 2 different schools in 2 years, they could be the most amazing cheerleader I'd ever seen-but I wouldn't take you.