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    RUSH Choreography was founded in 2012 with a vision to bring innovative, dynamic and creative routines to cheer and dance teams everywhere. Co-Owner and Head Choreographer, Kyle Rush, creates routines that are cutting edge, imaginative and leave a lasting impression. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, RUSH can help all teams - all star, youth/recreational and school teams.

    RUSH is a gateway to creative, dynamic and innovative choreography in the cheerleading and dance industry. Let RUSH show you our commitment to winning and success.
    RUSH Choreography Services

    Full Custom Choreography

    Whether you need choreography for competition, halftime or tryouts - RUSH is able to provide you with a fully custom routine.

    Choreography by Sections

    Need creative transitions, dance section, opening? Let RUSH fill in the gaps.

    Choreography Consulting

    Sending your team to competition soon and want comments before debuting your routine? With a combination of 17+ years in the industry, RUSH will provide you with professional advice tailored to any scoresheet.

    Why Pick RUSH?

    RUSH treats your team like it's our own. We take our time to perfect the skills, technique, and choreography needed to continue success for your program.

    RUSH is able to provide teams with fully custom choreography or choreography by sections. Sit back and watch a concept come to life from the ground up.


    RUSH will be there for you every step of the way. Need a cleanup or a revision? We'll be there during your season to keep your success coming.

    RUSH will teach your cheerleaders and dancers the most up to date and innovative material. Have an idea in mind? Let our team know what you're looking for and we'll adapt to your style.