Single-braced Flips

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    After reading the rules for the newly legal single-braced flips (single bracer and flyer must connect using both hands), can someone explain to me how this flip that Blackman did this year was legal?

    I'm putting up the Varsity link and I hope you all have access to it (2:51).

    Blackman High School [2019 Small Varsity Coed Finals] 2019 UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship

    For those of you who don't, I'll try my best to explain: during the pyramid build, a flyer is extended horizontally on her back with her legs in a front split. Both her hands are "above" her head (but practically speaking, are really just extended horizontally in line with her body position) and connected to her (single) bracer, who is behind her. The bracer then helps flip and invert the flyer to her feet after her bases pop her up.

    How is this not a single-braced flip under the current definition? Is it because she starts on her back and thus does not complete a full rotation?

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    I may be incorrect on this, and not that it will matter moving into this year now that double braced flips with a single bracer are legal regardless, but I believe a "flip" originates with two feet on the performing surface or in the bases' hands, which this does not. This is similar to how you can pop a flyer from her back to her feet in a prep with the current rules, just in the opposite direction. Kind of like how you can flip from an inverted position either the typical way you'd think (piking down) or basically "flipping" forward.