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    UCA College Nationals introduced a new division in 2018: Game Day. In 2019, the number of schools entering the division DOUBLED.

    Game Day is designed to show off the best of the collegiate cheer experience. With the fight song, defense, offense and scoring chants called out in real-time by the announcer, it’s not hard to see why college cheerleaders are flocking to this division, ready to show off the game day experience at THE BEST SCHOOL in the nation—which, in our opinion, is any school with cheerleaders [​IMG]

    The feeling of being on-deck is amplified in the Game Day division… the nerves aren’t only about performing, it’s about performing the RIGHT routine and trusting your teammates will do the same. Each team prepares their school fight song, offense and defense chants as well as touch-down/baskets for football and basketball. They spirit onto the mat and wait, and listen, for the announcer to decide what they will showcase. And every team showed why they deserve to compete for the Game Day title.

    The energy, the precision, and the pride every cheerleader displayed on the mat is like any other division we have seen before. It was a celebration of school spirit, and we are so down for that!

    Congratulations to 2019 Game Day winners!​

    Division 1A Coed: University of Central Florida​

    Division 1A All Girl: University of Nevada​

    Open Coed: University of Delaware​

    Open All Girl: Hofstra University​
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    nah. its to fill VB pockets (job well done if doubled) and it lowers the barrier the entry for competition for many teams.