Cheer-dance Competition In Bournemouth

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    Hello all,

    Top Ten Sporting events LTD are looking to expand the 2016 Bournemouth Beach Soccer Championships to include A Cheer Dance Competition!

    The Cheer Dance Competition will be spread over two days and is set for 30 – 31 July 2016.

    The competition will take place on the beach (new to the UK). Matts will be laid. The rules will be different to your average cheerleading competition, this is the same as all the other sports included at the weekend. This is a something we are hugely excited about.

    I’ve been asked to organise the Cheer Dance Competition and I'm proposing to start with 20 squads, with preferbley over 18's. The squad size can be a maximum of 15. It is a performance based competition so we are looking for creative routines with a good visual effect (No Stunting). We may devlop the compitition to include stunting next year. Routines are to be between 3-4 minutes and we encourage the use of poms. The matt area will be announced asap.

    The Cheer Dance Area will include:

    Performance Space
    Changing Facilities
    Cheerleading Trade Stands
    Formal Awards Ceremony
    First Aid

    To make this work we would need at least 20 fully committed squads. We also need to move quick with this as all sports to be included this year need to be confirmed by 18th of March. I’ll be spending the next couple of weeks seeing what kind of interest I can get. This is open to the public ( Men & Women over the age of 18 ) and I’ll be specifically targeting Cheer Dance & Pom Dance squads.

    The cost to participate is £30 per person

    This includes entrance to the competition plus party tickets for each person.

    *entertainment will include: celebrities talkers, cheer demos, freestyle, celebrity DJs, cocktail flaring, fire breathers, fire works, samba bands, and the parties will be provided by some of the areas leading club brands. cocoloco (Bournemouth sevens, sandpolo, ibiza, Marbella) profound and The Lost Paradise.

    Facebook event link: