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Discussion in 'Random' started by One and Dunn, Jul 26, 2012.

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    Jul 12, 2012
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    So I figured now would be a good time to start some noise about this, also not sure if it's been talked about that's why it's here in the random section. But I hate how they televise cheerleading competitions, there is a reason the judges sit at the front and it's because the choreography is crated to be visually appealing from the FRONT AND CENTER!!! The camera's are moving and missing all the best things cutting from one view to another it just ruins the whole thing. Lets not forget about the music! Music has become a lot of "true cheer fans" favorite parts of the routine, people will talk about good voice overs for years and that one song might always make you think about that stunt sequence that that one gym had in 07. When you watch it on TV though all you hear is some ex gymnast and this old guy talking about things that no one really cares about. The random non cheerleader doesn't want to know what it's called when a girl pulls the back of her knee to her head, they just think it's crazy awesome! OK sorry I guess I should leave this a little more open for others opinions! Idea's, comments, advice all things to make it better and maybe some hot shot at ESPN will get on and read this so people can see cheerleading for what it really is, an explosive expression of extreme athletics and artistry!! (Insert Explosion sound effect)