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    My name is Brandon Thomas, and I am the owner of Zero Deductions Productions LLC. My company, based out of Austin, Texas, provides quality camps, choreography, and music production services for cheer & dance programs across the country! My company's goal is to build better programs.

    I am an alumnus of Texas Tech University and a former Texas Tech Cheerleader. I have coached, choreographed, and competed for some to the top programs in the United States, including Ultimate Cheer Lubbock, Raider Xtreme, Maverick All-Stars and Weatherford College. I am also one of the cheer directors for Hutto Infinity Athletics in Hutto, TX!

    I am a USA Cheer Preferred Producer for 100% legal and properly licensed cheer mixes, a member of USASF, and A.A.C.C.A. Spirit Safety Certified.

    I am looking to take on new clients for the 2019-2020 season! I would love to answer any questions you may have!

    Look forward to speaking to you soon!

    2019-2020 Promotional Video:

    Choreography Services & Pricing: Choreography Services | Cheer & Dance | Zero Deductions Productions

    Listen to our Cheer Mixes: Zero Deductions Productions | Free Listening on SoundCloud