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Discussion in 'High School Cheerleading' started by ilikecookies, Aug 13, 2012.

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    An old uniform I had was a size 3 and then we got a new skirt so I just got a size 3 again and when it came in it fit nothing like my older one. I dont know if it was because it was a different style or what but my old one fit close to my body and stayed down when I tumbled but the other one is bulky and wide and flies up when I tumble! its so frustrating.
    plus I was sized back in like may for a new uniform and I put on a AS for the skirt and it seemed a little baggy in the waist and short in the length but the varsity rep said it fit perfectly so I just assumed she knew better than me so Im hoping it will not be too short when it comes in! eek Im slightly worried after reading all these stories on here

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    uggh I can't stand clothes and uniforms that are "too big." An oversize uniform just takes away from a squad's look...but for me personally it really detracts from functionality. Over the past 4 years of HS the same thing has happened to me with uniform reps. I'm a flyer but i'm not short..and not the body is just longer in the middle and during fittings the past few years the rep always wants to add to the shell length to compensate for having a longer middle/torso area. The fact is since the 8th grade I actually prefer a really short and fitted shell for a few reasons. I just find it more comfortable when tumbling and stunting to know that there isn't excess fabric flying around. Secondly, my bases, who I've cheered with since middle school feel more secure grabbing bare skin instead of the shell fabric when stunting. Thats even more important now since we have 2 guys on the squad (they are really good, transferred from a school with a co-ed squad) that like the good grip when putting me up. So I always tell the fitting rep to measure so the shell ends right at the skirt waist or just very slightly over it. My stomach doesn't show too much...just like a teeny tiny line of bare skin front, sides and back, with arms down, its hardly noticeable. Obviously with my arms up my stomach shows alot more but I am so used to it that it doesn't bother me...My coach is cool with it too, never had any point deduction in comps I said its not a crop top. The reps always look at me like "are you sure??" but its what has been working for 4 years with my stunt group so yeah big baggy uniforms NO WAY!
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    We got new varsity uniforms this year. They are custom, however, I told our amazing rep to err in the side of caution. Well, yes some of my girls grew over the summer a few inches so we needed to make adjustments and they will all be tight in the chest. The lettering isn't stretchy!

    If you are not happy, tell them, have the rep take a look at the size she picked for the girls and show her your concerns.

    My kids are complaining that the chest is tight and well, it is! But that's b/c the lettering isn't stretchy! :)