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Discussion in 'Skills' started by ChristyCheers, Jun 4, 2015.

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    Hi Ya’ll,

    Looking for your input again!

    For many cheerleading programs, we are coming up to the start of a new season. Some have just had try-outs; some will have try-outs this month. I recently wrote an article called 5 Tips for Try-Out Success to help those athletes trying out, especially first-timers.

    Now, I want to follow that article with a list of the best advice you have received for cheer—school, rec, all star, whatever! Maybe someone gave you some really great advice when you were a newbie to the sport, or maybe you have gotten some recently. Maybe you wish someone had told you something or maybe you even have some advice of your own for those new to the sport.

    If you would like to get involved (I will quote your Fierce Board name unless you tell me not to), let me know what you think is the best advice for new cheerleaders below.


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    I just did try outs ( I was my first time doing cheer ) and I think what I would tell any other cheerleader that is doing try outs is to be confident and smile a lot when doing dances and stunts ( if your a flyer )! My coach said what he liked abut me when I tired out is that I smiled and put effort into my tumbling dance and stunts! Don't just stand around saying your dance, stunt etc. is too hard. Put effort into everything you have to do at the trials and your coach is bound to notice!