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    By Lisa D. Welsh
    From CHEERMaD’s facebook page and other reports, including CNN’s ireport.
    Madeline McTier
    Madeline McTier, 16, of Newnan, GA, is a bright, beautiful redhead on ACE’s Atlanta Level 5 Coed Thunderbirds as well as a Freshman at East Coweta High School where she also cheers on the Varsity squad.
    She could be any one of our daughters.
    A week ago, she awoke in the middle of the night screaming in pain with the worst headache of her life. Her mother did what anyone of us would and brought her to the closest emergency department which in this case was Egleston Hospital where they found a tumor the size of a golf ball at the base of her brain stem.
    When she was told that she would need emergency surgery it’s been reported that her only reaction was to ask “When can I cheer again?”
    No one but a CHEERMaD could understand that.
    Like many of our daughters’ teams, ACE Thunderbirds were practicing for the Cheerleading Worlds Championships at Disney World April 28 and 29. Madeline didn’t want to let her team down and was herself very excited to compete among the best cheerleaders in the world.
    After 7-hours of surgery physicians said they removed all of the tumor that was visible. They explained that they were not expecting such a great result. The tumor was positive for cancer; however the cancer is in its first stage and the doctors are sure it was all removed. Madeline must now undergo chemotherapy.
    Although all this news has come so quickly those who know her say she is determined now, more than ever, to put up a fight. What’s more, the cheerleading world that spends many weekends of the year competing against ACE teams is showing its love for Madeline.
    The team’s new motto, 21 birds 1 heart is spreading and is included in the teams new competition music, following the introduction, “This one’s for Madeline.”
    Georgia Allstars support Madeline
    The immediate response from Madeline’s coach, Chris Treherne (director of ACE of Atlanta) was typical of someone who is familiar with getting things done. He sent emails explaining the severity of the situation with the message to pray hard for a fellow athlete. The outpouring of love and prayer became global when #prayformadeline began trending on twitter. Over 27,000 people have tweeted and Madeline has 1,600 followers. Cheerleaders, friends, family, and strangers alike have extended their love, support, and prayers to Madeline through social networking.
    According to sources at ACE, this has been the most incredible use of social networking in a show of love over Madeline: the love of a teammate, the love of the team, the love of the gym, the love of the sport, and the love of friends and family who have created a worldwide response.
    Coach Chris also designed T-shirts to help raise money for her family to cover medical expenses and less than 24-hours after the website was setup for orders, $3,000 in local, national, and worldwide orders had been placed, including Ontario and New Zealand which have placed large orders.
    In other displays of support, several other Allstar gyms have been supporting Madeline by wearing red apparel, one of ACE’s colors. The Stingray Allstars in Marietta, GA made bracelets and Top Gun Allstars in Miami, FL and the Georgia Allstars wore red during practices the week of her surgery. Top Gun Allstars also took a picture in red with the team members holding letters that spell out #prayformadeline.
    The severity of her surgery caused her teammates to unite in prayer and work hard towards the goal Madeline was working so hard for. She has a tough road ahead of her, but the camaraderie among cheerleaders across the world have inspired many.