Black and white rules VS Gray rules

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    Look ACE dad, I dont know you and you dont know me... I have known your program for a long time and respect your program but you have no right to tell me what to do or say. I have been in this industry for 15 years and I think I should have more respect and not get treated like a child.
    When I say board, (from the advisory board). So YES, I do apologize to the names you put on this list bc it is none of them that I am talking about.
    So again I will be a man and say sorry to those on your list of names and in no way was I talking about them, but they need to watch others on the advisory board.

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    (This is directed at several posts, not just the one accusing the "board" of dishonesty.)

    Anyone is free to say or post whatever they want. However, it my personal belief that if you know definitively that cheating is going on, then the proper step is to turn the people in. If you are NOT 100% positive, then you shouldn't be slamming people's integrity either directly or indirectly. This imaginary "middle ground" where you insinuate things on a message board just to vent, but don't actually do anything about it, isn't appropriate. That is my opinion at least.

    For clarification, there is a "National Advisory Board" and a "Board of Directors" for the USASF. They are not the same thing.
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    National Advisory Board-Coach Representation

    Jamie Parish-Georgia All Stars
    Debbie Love-Showtime Spirit KY
    Kim Braasch-Cheer Tyme -PA
    Sue Godes-Planet Spirit -MN
    Angi Dunham-Capitol City Cheer - MO
    Tara Cain-Maryland Twisters, MD
    Brad Habermel-Cheer Athletics, TX
    Cheryl Pasinato-East Celebrity Elite, MA
    Courtney Pope-Cheer Extreme, NC
    Orson Sykes-Twist and Shout, OK

    National Advisory Board - Event Producers

    Gwen Holtsclaw-Cheer Ltd
    Liz Rossetti-Americheer
    Bill Patterson-NCA
    Marty Grogan-Jamz
    Jody Delorit-UPA
    Justin Carrier-NCA, TX
    Dan Kessler-JamFest, KY
    Colleen Little-Cheer America, TX
    Mike Pare-Spirit Cheer, FL
    Billy Smith-Spirit Celebration, TX

    Ok, so which of these people on this list cheat?? I don't know most of them, but if it's happening give me some specifics.
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    ^^ Your is different from ACE DAD's .. What list is ACE DAD's?

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    Mine was the USASF Board of Directors.
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    I am Billy Dunlap the owner of Cheer Infinity Allstars. I was informed by one of my coaches that this post was up under my profile name, so I checked it, and I am truely embarrased. Someone has hacked into my account and wrote this about people I have known for 13 year. "they even got the years wrong!
    I will be closing this account now and will hope you will understand that in no way would Cheer Infinity Allstar coaches, staff or owners write such a thing. I sincerely am sorry to those that this offended and please do not look at Cheer Infinity as such a post! If you need to contact me please do so and again am sorry for such an embarrassing comment that someone has said about the board or any others.
    Thanks Infinity,
    Billy Dunlap