What are the top 3 topics in cheerleading?

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    This wouldn't work. Ex and I are divorced, I have physical custody of our child. However, ex still has to sign off on the passport application. I could see an ex refusing to sign off to ensure that the other parent doesn't leave the country with the child, or so that they can't "use child support money for an island vacation". There could be kids who just aren't able to get a passport issued.
    However, if they ran it like other your sports do and require a birth certificate to register. DS plays lacrosse. US Lacrosse requires a birth certificate for registration, his membership card includes his date of birth and which age level he plays. We have to show it at registration for all of his tournaments.

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    The only problem with registration with an ID card is logistics. If the average gym has around 120 people and all those people must show their card at an event to register, where would they find the place and time to register all the athletes?

    And CheerSport has 20,000 athletes? (more or less) Can you imagine finding a way for all of them to register and keep the event running smoothly?

    The registration and validation of all information must take place online and individually at someones home.
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    If they are good enough to be on the senior team then why have them on the youth team competing against youth age girls who are NOT good enough to be on a senior team?

    For the record, I'm ok with a couple of crossovers just not 30-100% of the team.
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    if you're from a small gym then sometimes crossovers are necessary. If you haven't seen the discussion videos, I found them quite interesting. I thought they made some good points in this too. Just click on the discussion topics and then the video icon(s) and it will take you to the official discussions.
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    I've never been to a cheer event in my life, but i've watched almost every single video and routine from 2007 onwards, and all I can think of is what a lot of other people have said.


    There needs to be an "Athlete ID" kind of system in place, I know a few teams who in the 2010 season had people over 18 in thier Senior Unlimited Coed division, which I thought the limit for was 18, then you go onto International opens.


    I think the age limits should be lifted. I'm 17, and I would have loved to start cheering like 2-3 years ago when I was 15, and besides the fact there is no gym near me, to start at 15 is almost impossible because the amount of level 1 senior teams that exsist are minimal, because most people would be level 4-5 at that age anyway. Infact, I only know of one level 1 senior coed programe, and thats in Maryland Twisters.


    I think parents need to step up a bit more too. There is a topic about parents who don't let thier kids go to practise if they've been bad. When parents start treating this like the serious sport it is and allow thier athlete child to progress freely within the sport, it'll become easier.
    Obviously the parent has to stay involved, as there are things that come into it like travel and transport along with fee's (etc), but it's still somthing I think they need to work on.


    I think the rules need to be cleaer too, certain stunts or tosses that "aren't allowed" in level 5 but are in level 6, yet you see them creep into some level 5 routines, but thats okay becuase you're int open, it's all confusing and it needs to be looked over breifly.


    One thing i'll say as a FAN is merchandise needs to be easier to get hold of, if you don't know many people to trade shirts with for whatever reason, it should be easy to buy shirts AND shipping OUTSIDE of the USA!


    Number of divisions, though this is a minor thing to me, I agree with Andre that often teams turn up to events and there is only 2 or 3 other teams in thier division, and it dosn't exactly seem fair.


    Lastly, and this is somthing that I hate to admit but it's somthing that i've noitced lately, is the factor of names comming into judging. For example the names CEA, Top Gun, WC, Cali, Twsiters (ETC). They're all big names, but sometimes I feel that thier name comes into the judges scoring a lot, that for PURE EXAMPLE PURPOSES, Top Gun would get a higher score than Cheerforce Diamonds becuase Top Gun is a much bigger name, and has a lot of repuation that comes with it.

    Sorry for the mass amounts of things, but this is just what I think.
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    We have a cheerleading "license" (who also is an insurance) here in Sweden. We usually register our teams the first thing in the morning, witch is no problem since we have a lot smaller competitions.. but I have also been at comps where we have had to show the license (together with an ID card or passport if we don't have a picture on our license) before we run out on the mat to compete (since we already have to wait by the mat a few minutes before it's our turn it won't take any extra time) .

    This works very well for us, but we are around 3000 cheerleaders , and have only one cheerleading association = not too hard to administer..
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    True story: a girl walks in to our gym for tryouts and signs in. I ask her what teams she is trying out for (our mistake maybe) and she says she won't cheer on anything less than level 4. She can't even attempt a backhandspring. Athlete credentialing would help with these things. Not only to explain to athletes and their parents what levels mean, but also to have it known to the rest of a gym where an athlete stands. then there wouldn't be as much "it's not fair that Susie didn't make level 4 because she is an awesome base." kids would understand it takes more than that. I realize credentialing already exists... But it maybe needs to be amended so that more gyms are involved.